Ikigai is a Japanese word, meaning a reason to get up in the morning.  My children have long been my reason, even if for a while it was a little too early to be getting up!

Recently, I discovered a diagram of four circles converging to access your ikigai and I realised that being a Parent Coach was my ideal ‘reason for getting up in the morning’.


I love parenting, even when it’s challenging and I love contributing meaningfully in people’s lives.  I’m not convinced that giving advice works but believe in using; searching questions, storytelling, role playing and humour to help people get more in touch with how they want to live their lives and make this a reality.

A life worth living includes, connection, contribution and challenge and for me that flows to my top three values of, Joy, Making a difference and Growth.

I would love to support your parenting, feel free to call for a chat to see if I can be of any help.

Alison Lovage Dip. Teaching, M.Educ, Life Coach Cert.

Cell 022 429 8811 or email alisonlovage@gmail.com